Monday, February 22, 2010

yee haw

Here's a nice brushy thing I made for that zine I mentioned in a previous post. I am having more trouble than I would like to admit trying to piece together images in photoshop because the scanning bed was a few inches too narrow...going to rescan the snow pieces tomorrow. But for now I'm going to make dinner and make more weird paintings. Update you on the flip side!

Eric C: Drawings for 30 Bucks

(Eric Clausen's Abe Lincoln)

Eric was in an epic bicycle accident around a month ago, and to raise money for his medical bill (and celebrate the fact that he still has use of his drawing facilities) he's offering a drawing of whatever you wish, for 30 dollars, post paid.

Check out the ones he's done so far here.

I am fond of "Obama Fighting a Dragon" and the nice radiator cover for Sandra.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fooling around with a tablet

I just caved and bought a tablet, it's fun but kind of a pain thus far since I'm left handed, I am slow to program the quick keys since they're on the wrong side for me...I will have to ask my nerdy friends how to hack it to reverse. I'll be the Jimi Hendrix of Wacoms. The cat on my lap is making my legs fall asleep, and the heat still isn't on despite the snowstorm, so my little phalanges are frozen. It just takes some getting used to but I feel like real drawing keeps me a bit warmer.
I will post more soon.
I'm drawing this tea party stuff for some political logo I don't fully understand that my grandmother commissioned me for. I get paid in cookies I'm pretty sure. Thanks Grandma!

tea party sketches