Friday, May 22, 2009

ditte gantriis show next week 5/27

Happening 001

The Happening event series mixes art, music and space into the social fabric of the moment. With roots in the 60s, each Happening weaves a temporary but singular experience, blurring the definition between audience and artist.

May 27, 2009 : featuring the artwork of Danish artist Ditte Gantriis.

Cafe Select : Back Room
212 Lafayette St. @ Kenmare

Come through the kitchen to the back...

7 - 9 pm = start
9 - ? = more

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sarah Burns

Check out these awesome things Sarah makes. She's a really cool Boston-based artist I met last week. Her blog is here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a drawing

you can't really tell he's on a toy horse, but I like that it looks demented.

Birdbeak Three : 6/6/9 Saturday 6pm

Come check this out! This is a big group show with a ton of crazy talented painters. I'll have a few pieces up, too. I went to the last Bird Beak show and it was amazing. Come see come see!

3rd Annual BIRD BEAK Group Show @ Headquarters Studio
Saturday June 6th 6pm-boogeydown
385 Broadway (btwn White & Walker St) 2nd Fl

BIRD BEAK is a collective founded by young New York City artists. This will be our third exhibition at the renowned alternative space Headquarters Studio. We invited select artists to make work in a uniform format. Individually each piece will provide a 12"x12" window into an artists world. Together, they will form a surreal movie reel that spans the entire gallery. One night only, with dancing to follow.

including work from
Christian Siriano - Ray Sell - Tuffer Weidner - Nick Dyball - Elizabeth Morahan - John Hagan - Seth Mulvey - Christopher Duffy - Greg Hedderman - Brendan Winick - John De la O - Miller Lopez - Jaz Harold - Heather Sporing - Ryan Beckwith - Donna Cleary - Augustus Nazzaro - Jazz-minh Moore - Eunkang Koh - Tim Francisco - Vincent Scala - Victor Cox - Jessica Ruliffson - Diana Ho - Becca Kacanda - Samantha Hyatt - Jennifer Young - Justin Jordan - Abbey Beck - Meg Woodcheke - Carmelina Licata - Tom Pitilli - Juilia Lachman - Eric Gallea - John Ryan Solis - Ameila Midori Miller - The Nerds

Friday, May 15, 2009

HeadquartersNYC Shows

Headquarters' upcoming shows:

May 29 2009 8pm:
GLITTERATI - curated by Tom Woodruff and Aaron Cobbett
TONS of amazing work by Keith Mayerson, Gary Panter, Winfrey Odhner + more

June 6, Saturday at 6pm
Ray Sell, Nick Dyball, Tuffer, Seth Mulvey, John Solis, Diana Ho + more
I know it's MoCCA weekend but it'll be at night and it's going to be awesome.

from the studio

some sketches for a band t shirt design:

swooshy swoosh.

and here is a painting i'm still wrestling with:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shiraj Ganguly has a blog

FINALLY! This guy is amazing, but would never tell you so in person. He also has the most sinister laugh I've ever heard, and looks like M. Night Shaymalayananan's evil twin. He's even good at harmonica and karaoke! But he is even better at picture-making. I'm so glad he is embracing the self-publishing outlet.

There's not much there yet, but you should add him to your list of things to stalk on the internet, that twitter thing or your intravenous blog feed.

Shiraj Ganguly's blog adventures.

More on SWOON's Swimming Cities

(Video from SMAC).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seasick Mama Artist Grant

Apply for this! Deadline this Friday, May 15th.
The talented Danielle Abbiate has shown work with Seasick Mama (last spring I think), check out her work here. I had the opportunity to see Danielle's work at the SVA printshop, she's INCREDIBLE!
Also, every Saturday Seasick Mama has a booth full of artist goods (sweet threads) at Artists & Fleas.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fernanda Cohen Workshop at 3rd Ward

I had the wonderful opportunity to take a six session class with Fernanda this past fall and it was incredibly helpful. I spent years at art school trying to figure out what she has the ability to deliver in a few classes. If you can spare a little bit of money, it is definitely worth it. She's super nice and fun, and is teaching at SVA and moderating lecture series at the Society of Illustrators.

About the Class:
Illustrator's Workshop

This two day workshop focuses on a combination of theory and studio work. The first third of each day starts with a lecture on the foundation of illustration, how to put a portfolio together, self-promotion, networking, illustration reps and the business of illustration. The rest of each class focuses on one single illustration assignment. Students work in-class, receiving feedback as they sketch and conceptualize, allowing them to understand the process involved in delivering a client’s idea clearly and successfuly. There is a group critique of the sketches and finished assignments, and a filmed interview with the instructor. Each student receives a copy of the interview for future reference. The goal of this workshop is to impart a deep and hands-on introduction to the illustration field, from both an artistic and a business perspective.

*3rd Ward just lowered the price of the workshop, too...
Member Price: $175 (was $200)
Nonmember Price: $225 (was $250)

Class registration here

Also, I recently took a class at 3rd Ward and they lowered the class fee a few days before the class began. I don't know if this will be the case this time around, but call them up and see if they might know.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


5-8pm @ 310 E 22nd St, 7th Floor Illustration/Cartooning Open Studios

Be there or henceforth be converted to an obtuse geometric form!

Friday, May 1, 2009

their blog is bigger than yours

safety in numbers, unite and conquer. i love group blogs. these guys draw the pants off of everyone:
Tasty Paint, an illustration collective founded by some soon-soon-soon-to-graduate-mucho-talented dudes.